Thank you

Before the end of the year We,  The Management, Staff  and Students of Lok Seva Sangam would like to thank all  benefactors, well-wishers and volunteers for enriching our lives with your support, mentoring and presence .  We would also like to wish you all the Blessings of the Christmas Season and A Happy and Prosperous New Year.

If the whole world was strewn with amazing people like YOU,
Reasons for violence and hatred would be very few,
If everyone tried hard to be responsible and kind,
An Eye for an Eye WOULDN’T make the world blind !


LSS decides to tackle anaemia

A Medical Camp in collaboration with the M East Ward MOH was held  in which 50% of those tested were diagnosed as anaemic.  Iron tonics were distributed but LSS plans on taking this facility to cover a larger area as Iron-deficiency anaemia is the most common form of malnutrition in the world and is the eighth leading cause of disease in girls and women in developing countries.  There is a high prevalence of anaemia among women in Mumbai.