LSS decides to tackle anaemia

A Medical Camp in collaboration with the M East Ward MOH was held  in which 50% of those tested were diagnosed as anaemic.  Iron tonics were distributed but LSS plans on taking this facility to cover a larger area as Iron-deficiency anaemia is the most common form of malnutrition in the world and is the eighth leading cause of disease in girls and women in developing countries.  There is a high prevalence of anaemia among women in Mumbai.

Successful use of technology in Case Detection

LSS’ pilot project to use technology in Case Detection in TB gave excellent results thanks to Dr. Saurabh Rane , a young and enterprising physiotherapist, who devotes some of his time to helping NGOs.  Dr. Rane, when he is not tending to the Indian Football Team, developed an amazing app that records details of patients suspected and diagnosed for Tuberculosis.  In the image below you see Dr. Saurabh Rane in conversation with Donna Thakur discussing the changes in the app for reports to be generated for the latest Case  Detection programme now initiated  by the RNTCP.